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14 Frequently Asked Questions about our Carriage House and Entry Doors

1. Do you offer a Lifetime Guarantee?

ANSWER:Yes! An industry exclusive. Our lifetime Guarantee provides peace of mind for your investment.

2. What is Hahn’s factory base coat?

ANSWER:Moisture is the biggest threat to a wood door. Only Hahn’s offers this 6-sided sealing process providing UV and weather-protection. Our unique system of sealing all component parts prior to their final assembly in your door provides a door that is sealed from moisture from the “inside out” guaranteeing moisture never absorbs into any component of the door.

This process ensures the longevity of your door and gives Hahn the full confidence to stand
behind our product with a Lifetime Guarantee.

3. How much do your doors cost?

ANSWER:Cost is a function of size, lumber choice and what beautiful features are incorporated into your design.
Use this range for a general guideline.

Our custom-built Entry Doors $3,500 - $9500
Carriage Swing Doors $5900- $13,500
Carriage Overhead Doors $4,900 - $10,500

All Hahn’s doors are provided with our Lifetime Guarantee and exclusive 6-sided base coat system.

4. How do I get specific pricing information for your doors?


  • i. Door type: entry, carriage swing or carriage overhead
  • ii. Design Scheme; choose one of our model numbers or provide a simple sketch or photo.
  • iii. Quantity and size of each type
  • iv. Finish? Painted or stained?
  • v. Is the space heated and air conditioned?
  • vi. Ship to zip code

5. What wood species are used to craft Hahn’s Beautiful Doors?

ANSWER:Sapele Mahogany, Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, White Oak. Other Species considered on request.

6. How are your doors installed?

ANSWER:a. Hahn’s Carriage Overhead Doors are provided with a matched hardware set that any professional garage door installer will be familiar with and can easily install.

b. Hahn’s Entry and Swing Carriage doors are provided “pre-hung” and weather-sealed making them ready for any professional carpenter / general contractor to easily install.

7. Do you build Dutch doors?

ANSWER:Yes, many of our designs are capable of being configured as a Dutch Door.

8. Do you make sliding doors and sliding hardware?

ANSWER:Yes, any of our door designs can be configured as a sliding door, provided with a matching sliding door hardware kit.

9. Do you make entry doors to match your carriage doors?

ANSWER:Yes, all of our Carriage and Entry doors are available in complimentary matching families. Simply choose a Carriage and Entry door from the same family Series (100-500) and they will complement each other beautifully.

10. Do you offer motorized Carriage Doors?

ANSWER:Yes, any of our Carriage swing doors can be provided with motorized operation.

11. Can you match existing Historical designs?

ANSWER:Yes, we have full capability to match any existing Historical Detail. We have provided doors for many Historical Land Mark projects. In 2012, we were awarded the Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award by the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

12. Do the doors come finished?

ANSWER:All of our doors are provided with our industry exclusive factory base coat that seals six sides of all component parts during the assembly process. Final finishing is done on site by you or your professional painter.

13. Do you ship to my location?


ANSWER:Yes, our doors are shipped throughout the USA. We work with a specialty transportation broker to provide safe and reliable shipping to your door.

14. How does this rooster image in the Hahn’s logo and website tie into the Hahn’s story?

ANSWER:The word “hahn” in German means rooster. The ancient Greeks believed the Rooster rose and saluted the sun every morning with a hearty welcoming call. Not unlike a colorful rooster, your new handcrafted Hahn’s door will enable your home to greet each new day with a beauty of its own.
We’re also excited about 2017 since according to the Chinese horoscope, 2017 will be the year of Red Fire Rooster. We at Hahn’s are working on new doorcraft ideas to make 2017 a special year for our customers and our company.